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Guy: *hands Heimdall a communicator* Keep this on. If we're going to be going through with this quest thing, we should all make sure to keep in contact at all times. *smiles* Besides, you never know when you might need a lifeline.

*walks into the Asgardried's hangar bay, then stops and turns around* By the way, the place I'm going is sort of a stockpile spot used by my people. It's got a vertiable horde of all kinds of things we might need; food, supplies, transports, weapons...and medical of course. If you need something special I can bring it.

*Guy puts Aidan into his ship as the others catch up*

Marin: Coruscant. Back to where it all began, huh? *to Guy* I trust you know you what you're doing with him, right?

Guy: Don't worry. I may be a Shadow, but I'm not that much of a bastard. This thing is bigger than all of us, and I realize---

*Marin looks strangely at him* You don't need the speech. Of course you aren't. *turns and walks away without giving any indication as to what she meant. Guy stares after her confused*

Raschel: *to Orthos* Growing? You don't don't think a Darkstar is coming back inside you, do you?

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