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Al, your topic started with an 'M'

1) It'll be in 1D, because not even a width of one pixel would count as one dimension, the screen will be totally black

2) Yes, during the installation process in Windows

3) About 5 inches tall

4) Seeing as it will be a blank screen, people who bought the game wont be happy but as a game it will break new ground. The art industry will start to notice its unparalleled way of communicating the human condition

5) Possibly LeChuck and a broken chest sporting an E ticket at the bottom of Dinky Island

6) Yes, pile of dust no. 2 will feature as part of LeChuck and also Stan will become evil. His unatural arm movements and his ability to teleport in SMI was overlooked

7) He will look like a pile of dust. Guybrush was dreaming all along and now he has killed his brother

8) Yes, she will look like a complex model of polygons with acurate mip-maping and particle effects. Alas, the graphic artists forgot that the game was in one dimension so the whole CD's worth is taken up with this character which you can only view using ScummRev

9) See no. 8

10) Ron????? what's he got to do with the MI games now?
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