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Hello Marius
Not much action is on our forum at the time being, since Roger Foodbelly is still in its early stages, and not much advertise has been done, hence that's why there's not so many knowing of it yet. But I know that this forum will be a lot more kicking, when we've released the demo of it, and such.

Roger Foodbelly is going kind of slow, since our background leader is attending the army till the summer, and we haven't got more planned. Our animator has almost finished the intro movie, so that's good.

We'll be expanding the design document next week, or in a month. Because of small issues in our lives

But Roger Foodbelly is still being worked on, and we'll complete it, you'll see... The homepage design is still being worked on, but you can check JustAdventure's ( of Upcoming Releases, where you can find Roger Foodbelly.

We're still looking for an experienced HTML programmer though... to put the site together.

Thanks for showing your interest.

Atle Ragnar Jarnæs Lerøy | Gamedeveloper

Runestone Entertainment

Stay tuned. Soon Launched.
Roger Foodbelly -.- Official Site
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