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The fact that most people (willfully) forget is that during the Iran-Iraq war when Saddam committed all the atrocities that we're allegedly trying to stop him from committing, we did jack ****ing **** to stop him. Neither did we attack him afterwards. In fact, he was our ally at the time (since he shelled out the oil), so we patted him on his little dictatorial bottom and let him go right ahead.

Interesting that the US has backed dozens of dictators in other countries, denying freedom to thousands and sometimes millions of people simply because it was in our best interest (war on drugs, war on communism, war on other people trying to be peaceful when we had dibs on peace!), and yet here in Iraq where there are many organizations that want nothing more than to get Saddam out and institute a peaceful democracy, we give up the covert ops and coercion and say "no, we're gonna bomb him ourselves!" So, of course, most of the people who want freedom from Saddam will get all blowed up.

In other news: this war effort has spawned the fastest and strongest pre-war protest movement in US history. This is still a democracy, and we can stills top this.
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