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Yes, I understand the economic implications, that post just wasn't the most serious. As far as I am aware, the US (and the UK) want to keep their stronghold on the oil market by either strengthening the sanctions so France or Russia can't dig their muddy little paws into the barrels of gold; Or simply by toppling the Iraqi government and sticking a puppet in the place of Saddam to run the country and all of its resources.

However, **** the US, and the UK. **** the economy. There are clearly better ways to go about this than by bombing the hell out of a country. For a start, America consists of either fat, overpaid idiots or the poor as hell. Money won't be taken from the pockets of the idiot though, because he and his chums run the place. They deserve to suffer; when it's the choice between yourself suffering and another dying, there should be no choice. There are ways round this problem. Why not legalise these so-called 'evil' drugs, for a start? Cannabis is itself a great deal safer than alchohol; and Ecstacy would be if it could be cleaned up. The American people consider themselves just for donating a couple of their extra dollars to charity, when that just proves that they have far too much green down their trousers.

And why do you think **** like the WTC happens when America just stick their nose everywhere looking for dollar signs, and bombing the crap out of countries for no reason whatsoever. Having slaves certainly made the economy better and the lifestyle of the American citizen easier, so is it a good idea to bring them back?

**** Bush; America needs to find a new way to bring in the bucks. There are other ways to run cars and generate electricity, and other ways to make money.

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