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Name: Soromonu Sarin
Gender: Male
Species: Zabrak
Age: 26
Homeworld: Corellia
Apperence: Two large Vestigial horns on side of skull, with
smaller horns on forehead and back of head
Brown/Black tattoos on face and forearms
Bio: Born on the toxic wasteland known as Raxus Prime, Soromonu and his parents were forced to flee when the Empire shut down all salvaging operations. In the ensuing chaos of a forced exile both of his parents were killed. Soromonu survived alone in an escape pod until he crash landed on the beaches of Corellia. Here he learned the ways of the warrior - as he was taught by the "First Brother" Zey Akii.

You wear the trappings of the Sith, you fight like the Sith, but this can be imitated, however. You lack a vital quality found in all Sith. Sith have no fear, and I sense much fear in you!

This isn't the link you are looking for...

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