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*Both Irvines are released out of the Bacta, via timer*

*the room is physcally empty. All that remains is a few towels along with clean clothes, and the translucent form of Master Chi.*

RH Irvine: *seeing Chi dead* "Master..."

Chi: "It was bound to happen. I'm jsut here on a last favor, to tell you that your duties with the Faction are no longer needed. Our faction only ahs a few space stations left and one sole planet, fortunately it was the most populated. The faction will come out and make a treaty with the Republic, at least whats left of it. Get on with your life, and stay out of trouble."

RH Irvine: "I... I, understand..."

WH Irvine: "Great. Deceased Jedi... Should have expected it..."

Chi: "As for you, I regret for you to know about your condition."

WH Irvine: "Well, you know, **** happens..."

Chi: *stares blankly* "Well, okay... Um, you too watch yourself. Jsut don't fall into the darkside." *looks at the slight bruse left from earilyer*

WH Irvine: "Don't worry. It's been well noted from jerks that I've met eariler in the week... Now I'm with one that look slike me." *looks over to a glaring RH Irvine*

RH Irvine: "Shaddup."

Chi: ((*with a anime sweat bead behind his head* (()))) "Very well. I bid you farewell." *bows and dissapears*

WH Irvine: "What, that guy trained you?"

RH Irvine: "He's a good man."

*WH Irvine shrugs*

WH Irvine: "I've been going along pretty good doing it myself..."

RH Irvine: "Well, at least he was the only person in the universe whom coudl teach ya form VII lightsaber combat."

WH Irvine: "Form 7?"

RH Irvine: "Yeah, the last two people who have used it was Master Chi, and Mace Windu."

WH Irvine: *thinks for a sec, then remembers about Mace Windu* "Ooh... Thats a large time between two masters of that Form. Your syaing you know it?"

WH Irvine: "Not prefected. But I'm very close."
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