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thx z. yeah, my neck hurted back then. but thats not y i abbreviate, i just do. i dont know y u ppl have such a thing about abreviating. sheesh, cant u understand that u=you, y=why, etc ?

anyways, i posted it in the LF community cause i dont take u as workmates and LF as a workplace, i take u all as friends that can help me when im needed. this doesnt have anything to do with LEC, i posted here cause, i though this is more public than the MI forums, and i posted there cause i know smart ppl like brief and murta hang around there and im not sure if they hang around here. gee, u wanna check my ID too?

OK, i ll try to explain it. i wanna build a website outside LF, where ppl can come in and open chatrooms to play an RPG. it will be a special kind of chat site (each chat page, will have to have a dice roller, etc.), but i need to learn how to build a chat site to build this website. for instance, i need to find out wot is a "programmed server" (apparently i need one of those to get a chat site going)

i was hoping any of u could help me here, linking me to a "how to build a chat site" page or something, i dunno.

hope that clears everything, thx.


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