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Name: Max Spiegel
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 22
Homeworld: Coruscant
Profession: Bounty Hunter

Appearance: A young handsome man with short reddish brown hair, who stands at 5'7". His most peculiar feature would have to be his different colored eyes: one is brown while the other is a lighter, reddish brown. However, his face is concealed to most because Max Spiegel wears blue mandalorian armor , complete with jetpack and hidden gadgets.

Bio: A proficient marksman with some training in the ways of Teras Kasi, Max Spiegel is a very accomplished bounty hunter, praised by his clients and feared by his targets.

Max Spiegel grew up on Coruscant, and was involved with the Red Dragon Crime Syndicate. However, he and his wife Angela decided to leave the Red Dragons and run away and live happily ever after. But of course, no one leaves a crime syndicate that large, and the Red Dragons were no exception...

Max and Angela moved to Tatooine, and lived happily there for 2 years. Sooner than later, the couple were expecting a baby boy. It looked as though they had gotten away from their past after all. But then, not too long after, Angela was shot dead while shopping for groceries in Mos Eisley. Max was captured and taken to a Hutt named Gal'bora, who seemed to want him dead for some reason or another. He was to be executed at the Pit of Carkoon. However, something went wrong, and Max ended up unconcious beside the Sarlacc, not in it.

Shortly after the incident, Max Spiegel acquired some mandalorian armor, a blaster, and some thermal detonators. Then Gal'bora the Hutt was suddenly killed by an unknown assailant, as was the assassin he hired to kill Angela Spiegel. That's when Max Spiegel decided to become a bounty hunter.

Max Spiegel would later learn that it was the Red Dragons who had hired Gal'bora to have him and his wife killed. He has yet to escape his terrible past, and is unwilling to confront it. He wanders the galaxy, a bounty hunter for hire with nothing to lose.

Weapons: A blaster pistol, an EE-3 rifle, and the various weapons concealed within his mandalorian combat suit.
Droids: None.
Vehicles: Firespray Class Patrolship

(Slightly unoriginal, I know, but what can I say? :P Boba Fett's the man! )

"I'm just an old fashioned cowboy."

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