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Raschel: *to Orthos* I didn't kill Syrnl when I could have. I made myself let go of the hate. You can do that too. You don't need power to get back at those who've hurt you. What if these Aeges are just using you? *Raschel stops and looks at Orthos* How do you know they'll just...let you go after all this?

Misae: *overhearing* You don't. You don't ask for these things Miss Raschel, they get thrust upon you. No matter how much you want to get rid of them, they never go away. You should consider yourself lucky.

*Marin picks up the key* It's like the first, besides the different shape, except the crystal is violet colored instead of clear. Does that mean anything in particular?

Misae: Anyway. What's so strange about this map?


*Guy exits warp-space on a misty, shadowy planet. Aidan is still unconscious. Guy takes out a scanner and checks the area before venturing out.

He walks to a large grove of trees and recites a phrase in a strange language. The trees morph into the shape of a large building.

Guy picks up the communicator and speaks into it* I'm at the stockpile. So what's up with that map?

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