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Originally posted by Katarn07
I am guilty of wasting hours of time trying to find peices I misplaced...

Wasted 30 minutes last night for a spear of the new Teebos! Also, I always ruin a scene by perfecting it... Try not to touch them now. Thats why I hate to dust......
Christ, the worst is when I lost A G.I. Joes' Submachinegun. It was Firefly. I was playing with him and lost the damn gun. At the time I thought his most amazing feature was that gun. I remeber combing the yard, and raking it over and over looking for that gun. This week I saw him at Toys R Us hanging on the Rack. I am now 28 years old. I don't know wether to be pissed off or If I should rejoice and by the damn thing.....
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