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Well, so far - 0 offers for beta test!!

I'll try and get some screenies up over the weekend - maybe that will get people more interested...!

Again - a quick rundown:
(More details above)

* LMS (Last Man Standing)
* Classes (Jedi, Soldier, Mandalorian, Hero)
* New saber defense feature
* New saber styles
* Charge-clip for blasters (for more movie-like action)
* Proper Rebel / Imperial teams
* Proper models forced for both teams and classes

I'm almost ready to release. If nobody offers to help, then I guess I'll release it anyway. I've managed to do some small game testing with a few friends - and the balancing seems pretty good...

...oh yeah, and I've decided on a firm name for the mod:

Movie Battles

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Movie Battles!
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