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Here's some ideas for additions to the 2.0 release, if you plan to release it.

Do you think you could add the /g2animent code into the mod?
The 'spawns' are useful for training, and the only other modification to use the code is JediMod. It's meant to be apart of the JKII MP source, but it's not used.

I like the emotes added in 1.0, any chance to add more? There's another animation in the animation.cfg, which is a kneel without your face looking down, this could be amkneel2. There's an 'adjust' emote for JediMod, which might look good for amadjust. There's loads of animations available in the _humanoid.gla file, and it would be nice to have more emotes.

Other features might include kicking / wallflipping off walls, yes like JediMod.
The admin controls and features currently seem to work well, although I don't really use the Teleport feature.

I'll post some more ideas, if I can think of any.
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