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Hey again,

Well, I guess I was cheering too soon (

Okay, I do get a whole lot further now, and had the whole Turner and Sophia sequence, but something still is not right. I got nub's and urgon's part, and was able to replace urgon's with nub's. But now I can's seem to leave this area again. I think I need to make my way over the rolling platforms, back to the elevator, but there is no button to open the elevator, so I'm stuck there again. How do I get the door to open? I figure it should happen by itself like it did on the other side (when making my way towards the second machine part), but no... ( This is getting really annoying now...

Oh, I got e-mail back from LucasArts (they're quick!), telling me to replace a driver, but that didn't seem to make a difference (
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