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IndyJones.Net crashes Netscape

Finally got through on a browser I can tolerate.

(I've sent the website support people a ton of email on this--and got no replies so far, I'm posting this just so people know what's up).

The homepage ( crashes Netscape, at least Netscape 4.6 and 4.7, on whatever computer I run them on (I've got PC's and alphas, and Unix and NT and Win98, and it's crashing on all of them). Other browsers don't seem to be affected (I've tried lynx and Opera, but not IE or older versions of Netscape).

I'm able to reach the Forum now because I figured out that the problem occurs only when both Javascript and Style Sheets are enabled (check the Advanced preferences pane to find these checkboxes).

It's nice to know that for my $39.95 I don't get only half a challenge. I guess Lucas* figured out that I can solve the puzzles in the game, and the puzzles in their hincky software, and now they're putting puzzles in their website implementation...

"Laugh it up, fuzzball."
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