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*Present day. *

*A News program...*

Anchorman: "Today an update on the hostage takeover of the First national bank of New York City. The group is none other then the infamous 'Forgotten Angels'. The people whom had been severely genetically altered by the 'Gas of November 25th'."

2nd anchorman: "The terrorist group is supposedly lead by the person known as 'Davin' which officials tells us was formerly known as 'David Stevenson'. Which for some reason the group denied relations with such person." *Pauses* "This just in: It seems that the groupís leader had personally telephoned us."

*Picture showing of "Divanís Name and a image of the group's insignia. Also showing a picture in picture of the bank being held. *

Davin: "For the last time you people, I have nothing to do with this damned group. I'm surprised that I wake every mourning in an attempt to keep my damn good name intact by trying to go after these *******s myself! *click*"

Anchorman: "Well, that was interesting. Even thought we had already been informed by Government officials not to follow anything said by any form the terrorists to the public."

*Davin turns off his portable TV, while still inside the telephone booth. In the background showing the bank in the distance. Swat teams and National Guard had already arrived...*

Name: David Stevenson AKA 'Davin'
Age: 19
Brief hist: Was the first person to have the mutations to occur to him... The government had branded him a murder and a terrorist leader of the cult known as 'The Forgotten Angels', even after multiple times the group had said that they didn't have anything to do with Davin. Davin is a fugitive and a vigilante of exterminating all those whom have the similar 'curse' that he has...
Mutations: Increased strength, Increased agility, Flight (wings), body alteration (controlled amount of how 'Demonic' would look like. the more, the better the strength and agility will be. However it'll hurt Davin more then normal passive increases)

*Currently wearing the same trenchcoat, to cover some metal body armor along with various bullet-proof armor, along with a sawed-off 12-gauge shotgun and a long iron sword. *

*Keeping the hood up, he walks over to the site...*

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