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*The Asgardreid enters the atmorsphere. Heimdall alone on the bridge flies the ship through the city. Over the comm*

Heimdall: I told you that map was strange. Now where is it pointing to?

*In the Lounge the map sits on the table, and next to it a holographic map of coruscant.*

Idun: Keep going south. We are going to an airfeild. It was destroyed in the recent battles. Now it is abandoned.

Heimdall: Thankyou.

*Heimdall, sets course for the field. As the Asgardreid came closer to the area, more battle damage was apparant. Some fires were still burning. In the distance was their destination. A short time later the Asgardreid sets down.

Heimdall: We arrived.

*Heimdall keeps the Asgardreid powered up ready to leave in an instance. He then leaves the bridge and locks it. Joining the others in the lounge.*

Heimdall: Everyone ready to go?

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