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((OOS: on earth does Irvine expect to rejoin the group? How is he going to go about doing *that*? He must be drunker than he looks ))

*Sakara watches Red Irvine intensely. Then he snaps his head back in the Spectar's direction*

Sakara: He isn't powerful enough to pose a threat if simply used as a rabid dog. No, no...insanity will be much more fun. And I've got just the thing...

*Sakara waves his hand. Chi's body wavers into existence behind them*

Sakara: I need you to replace a soul.


Raschel: Uh...I'm as ready as I'll ever be.

Misae: Well. Back to where it all began.

Marin: Does the map give any other clues as to what we're supposed to be doing here?


*Aidan wakes up with Guy standing over him and a light in his face. He instinctively covers his eyes*

Guy: You're awake.

Aidan: What happened?

Guy: You got stabbed and poisoned. I had to use a pretty strong antidote to get rid of the venom, which is why you were unconscious for so long. As for your wound, it's almost healed, so don't worry about it.

Aidan: *face still covered* I suppose you expect me to be thanking you, then?


*Aidan suddenly lashes out and punches Guy in the face, hard enough to knock him unconscious. Guy falls to the floor*

Aidan: Keep dreaming, Shadow. *gets up, stepping over Guy's body, and walks out of the room*

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