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1. Make sure you stay with the ship and arrive at each prison facility with it. Sometimes a few wasted moments and a "wrong" location can cost you.
2. When you arrive, your first priority should be to take out the laser cannon or missle launchers that surround each base. fly around the perimeter until you know you've got 'em all.
3. Be sure to take out the lasers at the very first based BEFORE leaving to destroy the generator. If you don't the lasers will wail away and the transport the whole time your gone.
4. After taking out the lasers/missiles, you must dog fight with the Tie fighters. Like duck hunting stick with one at a time rather than chasing every thing that moves. Stay close to the supply ship though, because its greatest threat are the bombers. They must be your priority over the regular fighters.
5. On a few, beware that missle launchers may be perched on ledges above the valley floor. If these are not taken out, they will greatly weaken the transport.
6. The last couple of prisons will have some AT-STs. Be sure to get them before they get close to the transport ship.
7. When he says "we're clear" Storm Troopers will come out of the grey buildings and try to kill the prisoners and shoot the transport. Either blow up the building before then, or be ready to blast the men. (When you want more kills for medals, it can be important which one.)

When you finally complete the mission with the default ship, try it again with the V-wing. The cluster missles sure take out the TIES quickly!
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