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#1 With the S-foils closed, it's remarkably safe to fly an X-wing at a missile launcher; it'll turn its back on you! You can fly at it, until it's nearly in your cockpit, then, holding down the primary weapon key, hit the brake, watch it disintegrate and fly 'through' it.

#2 Accuracy depends on hits, not kills. You can increase your hit rate by lambasting AT-STs and AT-ATs, in long, slow runs from the back or side. [It takes a dozen such runs to kill an AT-AT with cannon fire, but that's no matter.]

Likewise, if time permits (at the Jade Moon, for instance) a generator can be taken out with two long bursts of cannon fire, improving your hit rate, rather than a couple of missiles.

During quiet spells, while defending the Nonnah, lambast the enemy mother ship. You won't dent it, but the 'hits' will count towards your accuracy.

[A downed AT-AT, shot repeatedly in the head and body provides two satisfying explosions, though I don't think it contributes to accuracy.]

#3 YOU are captain of your ship. Mission objectives and ground commands should be taken with a pinch of salt. In particular:
- at Barkhesh, DON'T "stay with the convoy" all the time
- ignore "check your fire"; it does no harm - compared to bombs
- at the Jade Moon, DON'T "use the trench to avoid missiles"
- sometimes you can ignore "Where's our air cover?", temporarily.

#4 Sometimes comments from the ground are 'coded'. At Prisons of Kessel, "I'm clear" means you should NOW shoot up the 4 or 5 star troopers who are emerging from the brown boxes. [You haven't already shot up the brown boxes, have you?] If you get to them quickly, the troopers will be in a group which can be taken out (together with the brown box) in one burst of fire.

#5 Decide in advance where you will NEED some of your limited supply of missiles. At Barkhesh reserve two for the gun turret, for instance.

It seems to me that an AT-ST can be taken out with one missile AND one burst of cannon fire, rather than two missiles.

At Gerrard V reserve 3 missiles for the big gun turret. [At Gerrard V, at the beginning of the second phase, your ship is flying in the wrong direction. You should already be on S-foils. Swing hard right and come upon the missile launcher in front of the big gun. Bore down on it, brake, take it out with cannon fire, hold the brake as you swing left to face the gun turret, hit it with 3 missiles, continue braking as you hit an AT-xx, a missile launcher and another AT-xx in a straight line with cannon fire. Five in a row - very satisfying.]

#6 Against Ties (and Moff Seerdon) seeker missiles are useful (even necessary). But they take too long to 'lock' in most circumstances and, when there's a mixture of lethal and non-lethal targets, they invariably lock on to the 'wrong' target. [Engineering please note.] In those circumstances, use them like ordinary missiles by NOT engaging the 'seek'; just double-click the secondary firing key to launch aimed shots.

#7 If you fly with a mouse (as I do), you'll need to switch to the keyboard arrows to control your ship after activating your harpoon, when taking down an AT-AT. Once you're sure that your ship is under control, hit the thrusters.

#8 What have I missed? In particular, is there tip that'll get me a gold against Moff Seerdon?
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