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Good luck, Gold Squadron Leader. I'll be interested to know how you get on at Fest.

I agree with you. I'd like to fly something else against the tuskers. However, there IS another way to knock them over. You may know that a dead one can be blown to bit, spectacularly, by lambasting its main body. Alternatively, its head can be blown off, separately, first. Its head seems to be 'weaker' in this situation.

So, I've been round at Fest shooting all three of 'em down. It takes two long, slow runs, hosing their heads accurately, but it's not much slower than roping them. So far, I've only brought two doggies home this way, but it's an interesting try.

Oh, and another advantage of having a bomber at Fest would be that a single bomb would dispose of each of those groups of star troopers in one go! Very satisfying.
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