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Lightbulb Tips on Corelia

Time: 10:00
Kills: 50
Accur: 20%
Saves: 95
Bonus: 1

1. Yes, you MUST use the "Speeder"
2. Yes, you MUST learn to bring down the AT-ATs!
3. The Bonus on this level is tough, and its the first in the game. After protecting the Tech Center and the Falcon Scene, look for the Bonus in the city cluster directly ahead. You'll see two Storm Troopers. You can blast them, hits brakes, and get low. Head to your left over two short rectangular buildings and you'll see a glowing yellow box. This is your bonus. Grab it, by running into it. Then, pull up and to your right--out of the building. Now go get that Walker!
4. Learning to take down the Walkers (AT-AT) without stressing is the key to this level and a couple future levels. What stinks is you'll have to start the game over and over to do it. There are NO shortcuts. This is exactly what you'll have to do.
5. When dog-fighting, it's okay to leave whatever you're protecting to chase the Bombers. They will turn back to bomb if you don't.

Bring down the walker (AT-AT): Don't fly at the walker; you don't want it to be directly in front of you. Instead you want to get side by side with the walker and then hit the secondary weapon button right when you are next to it. If you just hear 'click click' when you fire that button, then you are not close enough to the legs of the walker yet. Also, don't wait for your wingman to tell you to fire the harpoon. Just release it as soon as you are next to the walker. Once the cable is released, your screen will change and you will get a different view of your ship. You are still controlling your ship so you need to make sure you immediately start to turn to the left or the right (depending on which side the walker is on) to continue circling around the walker. Don't get too far from it or your cable will be released. Once you have circled around the walker three times, he will fall and you will be able to continue in the mission.

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