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((*wishes Rwos was there to say "What's with the Starkillers and clones?" *))

Sakara: I have a better idea. Let's not wait. Have you ever seen American movies? Of course not. But if there's one thing you can learn from pop culture, it's never waste time gloating over a hero's predicament when your time would be better spent ruining him now. Besides, amusing as it is to watch two morons drunk off their arses, I find nothing really beats a little pain, suffering, and general destructive evil. *grins* So. About that soul. Got any...vampires handy?


Raschel: Wow, that sounds so encouraging Orthos, please continue.

Misae: There was a battle here...

Marin: I can morph something to sniff out the area, if you want to wait a few seconds.

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