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Keep trying. Do NOT destroy bacta containers. Kill all AT-STs FIRST! Then turbolasers (they'll shoot thru bacta to get you) then missle turrets, then bombers, lastly fighters. With the V-wing, careful! Seeker clusters will go right through bacta containers to get to enemies!
You need speed for this level, to get to the bacta before it's destroyed. The X-wing's S-foils, the V-wing's scram jets, and the A-wing and N-1's thrust MUST be used as often as possible. I recommend the V-wing if you have trouble getting enemies down fast enough. Use seeker clusters for fighters, turbolasers and missle turrets if the bacta won't be endangered, and use rapid-fire mode to take out AT-STs. Just don't overheat!

Hope that helps.

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