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((OOS: Scar, you do realize the Spectar sounds far drunker than the two Irvines))

Sakara: You know there's a marvelous new invention in my time...something called putting two and two together. Here's the first two: Irvine's dead master and a vampire soul just dying to be put in him. Here's the second two: A naive apprentice, being Irvine, and an organization, being the one that raised Irvine, which rather foolishly trusts all of its own. Impeccably. ¿Comprendé?

*looks back at the two drunken 'Jedi'* Why did they have to name em both "Irvine", anyway?


Misae: I sense it too.

Marin: Alright then...morphing now.

*Marin's form begins to shrink and turn grey*

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