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What do I think of the X-Wing?... Well as a guy who has a X-Wing fanpage on his site I'd say that the Incom Corperation T-65 X-Wing Space Superiority Fighter is one of the best creations since they invented hyperdrive! I know that's a pretty big statement but I know most of you will agree! The X-Wing, the T-65B, the one that flew at Yavin against the dreaded Death Star saw Luke Skywalker along with the Force to destroy that super weapon and take out Grand Moff Tarkin and his officers. As the years went by the X-Wing went through a lot more changes, it evolved into something much greater and spawned another line of starfighter. The E-Wing.... okay now you wanna know the history of the X-Wing don't ya?... Hmmmm well check out

....okay now I just gotta add more into this... It killed two Death Stars! Battled against countless swarms of TIE Fighters and still brought its pilots home without a scratch! Eventhough there is an evolved version of this fighter out there, the T-65 X-Wing is still number 1 on my fighter of choice list!!!!!... okay I'm done now...


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