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A squadron is twelve. A Imperial Star Destroyer holds 6 squdrons. The newer ones hold 3 TIE/ln squads, 2 Intercepter squads, and one bomber squad. However, they also include support ships, namely skipray blastboats and Assault Gunboats, so that ups count, i'd bet on Capitol ships, especially verses a y-wing, that has no chance of escape.

Oh yeah, the A-wing slash has the X-wings first, since the A-wings are smaller and can hide behind the larger ships. Just thought i'd clear that up.

The Spectre to the Past is a great series for anyone looking for a a good read. And Vision of the Future is suprisingly long when you see the thickness and then find out it is over 700 pages long.

"We will crush the Rebellion in one swift stroke."
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