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Post I'm an official Master, and my 1000th post....

Well, as some of you may know, I graduatet from the LFJA 300 posts ago. My Mentor and friend Darth Groovy helped me through it, and introduced me to this place. So my first thanks goes to him. The rest of my thanks goes to all the ppl who have supported me and to my family !

And so it came to this. I'm here, I have 1000 posts, and I'm now an official Master in the LFJA, unless theres some test I have to pass. The only problem is that there are no Padawans available. Thats ok though, cuz I can wait. I made it this far, and I think I can manage it for now.

Any1 who wants to congratulate me can do so, and I'll be on both MSN and AIM the next hour or so, just in case you want to talk to me....

Hmm, I think I made it clear. I made a 1000 posts, and I now rise to the status of Master...yay!

Just thought that I'd let ya'll know. The mods can close this as soon as some of the ppl have seen this, and they feel its time to close it down (Which will prolly be in a few minutes)....

Thx Guys!!


Thx for the sig/av combo GothiX
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