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Question What are your favorite Rogue Squadron levels and why?

Mine are Liberation of Gerrard V and Escape From Fest.

Liberation of Gerrard V because:

It looks really neat with the city and all those atpts patrolling it, alot of turrets to destroy (you occasionally miss 1 or 2 in the first city), there's an ocean, and there's a tie that dive bombs the ground (next screenshot i'll remember to take...) And it's really exciting since it's action the whole way through, and the lighting is awesome.

Escape From Fest because:

It's HARD. I almost lose an atpt EVERY time i don't play it in a while. you've gotta either destroy all those tank droids ( ) or end up choosing to let 2-3 live and take on the tie bombers, or let the tie bombers fly past while you finish off the tank droids. I love having decisions like that.

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