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Mine's Assault on Kile II. Go to the last garrison with a TIE Interceptor, destroy the garrison, then ram the stromtroopers! There's about twenty of them, and if you plan it out correctly you won't take any damage. Then there's more stromtroopers in the building surrounded by satellite dishes and even more in a few of the buildings in the spaceport. Another good thing about that level is that there are tons of TIE Interceptors and it never gets boring gunning them down. I hate the missile launchers because some of the time they're a pest, like in Raid on Sullust, where you have to deal with lots of turbolasers, missile launchers, and TIES while managing to take out those little things, I forget what they're called in the game. The AT-PTs are easy as hell to defeat, but it takes like ten seconds of continous shooting to destroy them.
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