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Sakara: I'm surrounded by lunatics. No, we can't just plant little Evil seeds in his mind to turn him into the next Attalia the Hun or Hannibal Lecter. It's against the Rules in this universe, you know? Big bad mojo to be messing with. Now let's think about this for a moment, shall we? What do vampires want? What do vampires do?

*at blank looks* Okay, so maybe the problem here is that you're all too young to have seen the beauty of vampirics in action. Well, let me give you a little recap: Vampires want to bring destruction and evil. To make more of their own. To kill. Soulless, from the human side, anyway. But while they don't have the human soul, they've still got the human's brain.

*taps Chi's unresponsive forehead* In here is all the information necessary for a vampire to destroy the remainder of Irvine's little "family". He was pretty high up in the corporate ladder in their Jedi-military-organization, I hear tell...the spawn, or half-sister spawn, of the people who killed you. Doesn't the idea of turning them all into vamps, or just drained dead bodies, sound like a nice idea of revenge to you? And think about help me destroy them, destroy Irvine, destroy good, and in return I'll get you your little plane ticket to The Higher Planes. Sound attractive?

*turns to gaze at the red-haired Irvine* Do you see the look on his face? That's the look of a man who hasn't lost everything. Let's change that.

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