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Originally posted by StormHammer
Yes, of course.

I haven't seen him post for a very long time, now... I seem to recall he was taking time out to go somewhere...

EDIT - his last post was 7-10-2002 (July 10th).
Well, incase you're wondering, I am his brother

He took a gap year and went travelling, posted a couple of times when he got back, realised the forums we'ren't what they used to be, and I don't think he's posted since.

Anyway, currently he's at The University of York, England. I might try and get him to start posting again. If I can get him into the Dark Forces MOD, maybe he can post here - about the only forum that isn't dominated by strange freaks

Not to take this too far off topic, you can contact me at if you want to get his current contact details

Back to the topic, MOTS was, and still is my favourite of the whole DF series. It just made JK way, way better.

Dark Forces: A Mod for Jedi Academy

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