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Originally posted by The_One
about the only forum that isn't dominated by strange freaks
I suppose I'll be leaving now...

You know, the EU has explained Dromund Kaas a bit more! I read it in the Insider. I always dismissed it as some dumb thing LEC came up with for that game, but you know, one of the 13 Grand Admirals (he's black, forgot his name, don't feel like digging around for that issue...). The Emperor took advantage of his Force-sensitivity and he was sent there to learn the ways of the Sith, although he was never granted the title of Sith Lord. He died while trying to find the Emperor on the second Death Star.

Also, the whole lightsaber switch got to me. EU has explained that. He built that under Mara's guidance. Why is it blue in JO then? He built that one under Luke's instructions at the Academy, prior to when he quit.

Gameplay was awesome, story ws weak, but all in all, I think I like it better than JO still...

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