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Name: Xero Anarian
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Height: 6'1"
Weight(lbs): 182
Profession: Musician/Swordsman
Background: Xero had a happy life growing up on Naboo. When he was 14, he discovered his musical talents. He started a band with a few of his friends, and they became well known in the area he lived. When he was 17, his town was raided by a large gang. All of his friends were killed, and most of his family he found dead, and the others, missing. Xero picked up an old sword that was used by one of his family members long ago, and defended himself against the gang. The gang escaped, and Xero fled into the wilderness of Naboo. There, he trained himself in the ancient art of swordfighting.
Description: Brown shoulder length hair, green eyes, usually wears black clothes, but recently has been wearing pieces of mandalorian armor(chest plate, arm pieces) and is searching for the remaining pieces
Weapons: Sword, blaster pistol
Droids: none
Vehicles: Stolen B-Wing, Swoop Bike
Place of birth: Naboo

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