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I'll be able to give you some tips and point you in the right direction.

There's two ways of doing the cutscene duelling:

1) You could animate every single lightsaber swing and clash and input the sound effects into an ICARUS script. It'll probably take forever and look a bit unnatural but at least you can control everything that happens.

2) You could also just make the NPCs fight each other by changing their AI properties. This is how the Desann and Luke duel on the Doomgiver level was done. It'll look pretty good but the main problem is it'll be completely random.

Force powers would have to be scripted. You'd basically just have to input the right commands to make the NPCs look like they are using the corect force powers. This'll mean adding the right sound effects, animating the NPC correctly and affecting the enviornment the way it needs to be (e.g. moving something that has been force pushed).

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