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I think you're geting me wrong here..........this is what I'm talking about...........

Here posted on the front page of

Dust of the clan Red Hand sent me word that they'll be having their 3d 1 on 1 NF Sabers tournament this Saturday, February 8th at 6PM PST. It is a double elimination tourney, featuring prizes for 1st and 2nd place finishers. As you may know RH is a long-standing pillar of the JK2 community, hosting several servers and of course the 2 preceding tournaments before this one. Check their website for further details by clicking Information Links and then Tournaments. Have fun!
Now....I respect RH...I understand all that they go through to run a set of servers.....we know more than anyone else out there, DS is run out of our pocket....the stats and all the things that make it DS we built ourselves, but we are not asking for money or support from these people, what I want tpo know is how RH servers can get the news of thier tournament listed and alse be called, here it is VERBATUM
RH is a long-standing pillar of the JK2 community, hosting several servers
I don't get have a link for people to post news about JKII and JKII related things....OK....But when DS has been here LONGER than RH, nothing against RH, but when I check the in game browser, thier servers are a ghost town, nobody there,,,,,,DS servers even if only one of them, they are populated 24 hrs a day,......and due to the people that have come there, DS is the largest comunity of dualers on teh net possesing the best skills out on the net.......

If anyone had bothered to read any of the e-mails that you ignored, you wuld have found out a couple of things........

DS IS NOT A never was and still is not....the [Darkside] tag is only to identify admin of the servers.........
It may not sound like it now, but every one of those e-mails ignored was not an attempt at self promotion, but an anouncement of something brought about and put in place by people who support this game and this comunity,,,,,we have no advertisments, no pop-ups or banners, we don't charge a penny for anything that is availiable there......all we ever did was try to promote the pproduct that Lucaarts and Raven came together with and grow a comuinity where yoyu can have fun, learn, and be sure that when someone is making it unenjoyable, there is always an admin there or whithin reach via a paging system.

The links to e-mail; you are there in your web pages, put there by you, I just would like to know why I cant even get e-mailedc back with a simple F.O. that would have been OK.....but to ignore a comunity built and running on the p[ricipals that the people here claim to encourage........I dont unserstand that.....what is SOOO bad about Darkside servers that we are shunned by

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