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Sakara: He died? Of malnutrition? I thought vampires couldn't die from not eating. Just, uh, go loony. *looks at the vamp suspiciously* Is there any other things about this vamp I should know about?


*A cloaked-and-hooded figure walks from the closest building*

Figure: *male voice* You sense something, do you? You're going to be sensing alot more very soon.

*Marin stops morphing and reverses* Who are you?

Figure: I'm the next piece to your puzzle. You awoke me when you destroyed the crystal.

Marin: What crystal?

Figure: The Crystal of Orthaeur.

*A floating image appears in the air, ofMisae's lightsaber stabbing into the glowing crystal inside the monster Caloslocke. The crystal explodes in light and the image shatters*

Marin: The crystal...inside Caloslocke?

Figure: Every action has its consequences. You destroyed the Crystal. Now the Awakening is at hand.

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