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Sakara: Not really. I want something that can take apart things, not run through them like a rabid bulldog. Or...wampa, in your case.


Figure: Long, long ago, before even the time of the Aesir, before the Force flowed through the galaxy, there was the Old World.

*A rip appears in the air. The world of Mrear is shown through it, with elves, men, and dwarves walking about. It looks like the consummate fantasy world, complete with a mage in the corner of the picture casting a spell. More images flash by, creating a montage of life that suddenly ends, showing blackness*

Figure: That all changed, millennia ago. The world of magic passed away. And your world was born. But not all things were new. The old gods, the Aeges, stayed, ever watching. The Avatars continued to walk among men. And the Old Ones have waited in their hiding places above the worlds...watching, waiting for all eternity, for the ones who would come to release them.

Misae: Release?

Figure: The Old Ones have been bound for all time by the Crystal of Ortheaur...which you, the Champions, have broken.


*Guy wakes up to find himself suspended in midair by makeshift chains. He tries to rub his head but his hand won't reach. He blinks from looking into one of two floodlights trained on him*

Guy: *groans*...Aidan?

*Aidan walks in the room and looks up at Guy. He's holding a blaster and has several packs and devices slung over his shoulders* Oh, look. The Shadow finds himself hung up for all the world to see. In the light.

Guy: Aidan, what are you doing?

Aidan: You may have fooled the rest of them, but I know what you are. I know your evil. *walks closer to Guy* You know what your friends did to me? I'm sure you've looked in my files...watched how they tortured me. You want to see the scars?

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