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Jes: "How interesting, seems you were apart of another experiment, unless Davin hasn't told me everything. Becuase I know for a fact that there is a certain gene in all of our genetic structures that is envolved with that."

*the battle continues*

Davin: What the hell are you talking about?"

???: "What? And reveal what you must find out yourself?"

Davin: "Frankly, I'm sick fo this bull****."

*The two run and clang their swords together, sparks fly as each move past each other, both landing about 15 feet apart. Davin quickly preforms an hidden action while they are bot turned.*


Jes: "Oh no! I forgot about Davin!"

*Jes puts on a pair of headphones and presses a button.*

Jes: "Davin!? You there!? Davin!?!"


*??? turns and sees Davin extending out the M79 and an empty cartage bouncing on ther floor.*

???: "Well, I'm surprised."

Davin: "I worked on quickly reloading,.."

???: *smiling* "You wouldn't shoot that at this range." *drops sword and raises hands* "Especally at someone whom is unarmed."

Davin: "I'm not stupid, but also you should be more surprised how much I don't care about my life anymore."

*Davin fires, and by the concusion of the grenade, he flys backwards.*

((deac get rdy for a time skip ))
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