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((*checks off "getting Deac to call one of my characters the God of Lies" off Things To Do list* ))

Figure: Ah, you are one of those with knowledge...however, you misunderstand me, Orthos of the Stars. I have no name, and I speak only the truth. I never said the world of Mrear was gone, nor magic destroyed. On the contrary, the Crystal of Ortheaur helped keep both of these hidden. However now that you Champions have destroyed it---

Marin: Why do you keep calling us "Champions"?

Figure: Because that is what you are. The Champions of good in these dark times.

Misae: I thought we were just the people being used to find the Time Matrix.

*The figure is silent*


Sakara: Uh...*looks wary* Alright then, just get on with it. But if this doesn't work, remember, no higher planes for you...

*Sakara fades out*

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