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Spectar: "I'm not sure why I bother sometimes..."

*The figure of the vampire dissapears and the body of Chi starts to move. The body raises his head, and gives a evil smirk to Spectar.*

Spectar: "You have the memories of that body your in. Use them agenst this man here, destory everything this man knows about his organization and personal life, whats left of it. As for the other one, Sakara wants nothing to do with him, leave him alone."

Posessed Chi: "Very well then. When do I start?"

Spectar: "Right away, but not right here, can't give away the surprise just yet, if you get my drift."

*The possesed Chi gets teleported to a location a few kilometers away, and brought to the living specturm.*

Spectar: <Sakara, it is done.>
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