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Jedi Academy Mod 1.1

The long awaited upgrade to the best server-side only mod is here...Check out some of these great new features:

New Custom cVar welcome message in console.

mgametype - Trainers can now change maps/gametypes.

mrandteams - Randomizes teams in CTF gameplay.

amhelp - Helps Admins, Client with admin commands. (Custom
help messages capable)

4 New Custom cVars to display messages for logged in/not
logged in adminstrators upon use of admin command.

Improved Jedi Vs. Merc Mode.

g_mBlockThrow - allows client to lose thrown saber if blocked by opponent.

Fixed emote(s) exploit during Duels and SaberLocks.

Clients can now Duel in Team gamemods, cannot duel flagcarriers.

g_mDebugCheats - allows access to hidden features in JK2 (cVar default is 1)

mnpcaccess - allows client access to the NPC features.

mnpcnoaccess - disallows client access to the NPC features.

g2animent - spawns an NPC.

g2platoon - spawns a platoon of NPC's

1.0 Features:

Description: Built off the popular Vulcanus Admin Mod 2.2 core, this mod is a server only modification designed to control a server. Loaded with admin functions, Cvars, emotes, and CTF tools this is the only mod you will ever need. Customized to meet the expectations of the Jedi Academy ( this mod can be used for any clan server as well as for personal enjoyment. So step on up and download the best Server-side mod of today, tomorrow, and forever.

Additional Information :

All Vulcanus Admin Mod 2.2 functions included.
Everything is now logged to the server.
New Jedi Knight login system and its accompanied commands.
Use of Bacta during duels, disabled.
10 Second rule for duels, disabled.
Sabers igniting at spawn, disabled.
Optimized code for speed.
msay - now sends message to both Trainer and Knight.(Trainer & Knight use only)
mwhois - allows admin to see who is logged in as a Trainer and/or Knight. (Trainer & Knight use only)
mkick - now appends a message to client as well as to the server. (Trainer & Knight use only)
mkickban - now appends a message to client as well as to the server.(Trainer use only)
mtele - teleports user to a desired location. (Trainer use only)
morigin - gets players location on the map.(Trainer use only)
mpunish - punishes client. (Trainer use only)
munpunish - unpunishes client. (Trainer use only)
mreward - rewards client for passing his/her trial.(Trainer use only)
mforceteam - forces a client to a specific CTF team. (Trainer use only)
mdenyvote - denies a certain client to vote. (Trainer use only)
mallowvote - returns voting privelege to client. (Trainer use only)
mlockteam - locks a specific team in CTF mode so no one can join. (Trainer use only)
munlockteam - unlocks a specific team in CTF mode so people can join. (Trainer use only)
All items can now be pushed/pulled.
Added 14 new emotes.

Download it now at: here.

~cHoSeN oNe
Mod Developer
The Jedi Academy

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