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Figure: I will be right where you left me.

*Raschel follows Orthos*


*Sakara replies telepathically without appearing* <He knows what to do, correct?>


Guy: I'm sorry for what my people did to you, Aidan. But you're attacking the wrong person here.

Aidan: Oh, I think I'm attacking just the right one. What's your game, Shadow? Why were you being so friendly? So eager to help?

Guy: I can only do what I'm driven to do. I'm not what you think.

Aidan: So where does it leave the rest of us when you're driven to betray us all when the profit smells biggest? want to sell the Time Matrix on the black market?

Guy: You're being paranoid, Aidan. You're seeing things that aren't really there...

Aidan: Says the Shadow. Well, I've got news for you. This isn't about paranoia. This isn't about revenge. This is about survival. Well, I guess it's about revenge, too, but you know how these things go. *Aidan's eyes glow and he lifts the enormous blaster strapped to his shoulder* Now, it's very simple: you die, I live. And I have revenge.

Guy: I can't change what happened, Aidan. I know you're in pain, but killing me won't do change anything. Think this through...did you leave the door open?

Aidan: I---what?

*Suddenly, Aidan is bowled over by a large, furry, growling, vaguely catlike beast with a long tail and a mouthful of sharp teeth*

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