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OCC Alright this will be a bit of a weird entrance, but one I hope that will work =)

IC A pillar of Flame shot into the air, dark shapes danced about it a fashion that gave the women a thrill of excitment.

"Exurgent Mortui ah ven naah see LAH NUKK!" the chant started
"LAH NUKK!" more voices joined in, giving a twirl head tails swinign about she contnued her dance, eyes turning on her, gracefully she rose into the air and through the pillar of flame landing softly on the opposite side, light blue flesh glisting from the close call from the flame she once again rose to her feet. Turning she watched as the witch apporached her, a silver kris held tightly in her hand.

Standing rigid she braced her self for what was about to happen, she felt the tip of the blade bite into her shoulder, felt its maschocistic kiss run along her shoulder. Bitting back a scream she held fast, finished, the Mother let the knife slip and sized up the women. Exurgent Mortue ah ven naah see LAH NUKK Cyn Izz!" the old crone bellowed with a force that could not have come naturally, a riot of noise broke out as the Flame Pillar shot far into the night sky, all glancing up noticed what first appeared to be a shooting star start to apporach the planet, a few of the younger sisters began to panic finally the noise quited down as the light set down a few kilomenters away on a small plateau, turing to face the Mother bare skin, still drencehd with sweat glistend in the now dying fire and full moon she listend to what the old women has to say, nodding a understanding

Cyn walked over to a bundle of cloth on the ground, pulling on a flight suit, over that a vest she rose. Strapping the two blaster holsters at her sides she made her way to the plateau at a quick jog, she had been here some time now and knew the way fairly well, she could smell burned foliage where the ship has set down, could faintly here two voices, male one deep the other a little higher pitced conversing, practially stalking up to the tree line with a grace that seemed more predator then not she began to listen.

Voice 1 Well we got rid of those Imps, but how long do you think untill they come looking for us?

Voice 2 Sith spawn I dont know, I just want to know what the nut Thew Ryder was doing, he was there then gone, I wish I knew what that Human was up to.

Thew Ryder? Cyn thought to her self, that name she remembered from some where, tattoine her last stop before being stranded here, a job gone bad, one she was looking to right. Creeping a bit closer she noticed that the two where both humanoid, one was armed with a blaster, the other with a sword, Ahh, another creature who can still wield a blade, and by juding from the its conditon wieled it has been and recently to. shecould smell the blood from this distance, obviously he had not cleaned his blade, a bad move she thought to her self.

Voice 1 Yeah well I have a feeling we'll see him soon enough.

Moving to a postion behind then men Cyn crept up on the two, silent as the night, her training as dancer from child hood bening put to good use here she moved quicly but silently, the two mercs obviouly un aware, removing the blasters from there holsters she flipped the setting to stun/ just in case she thought, she had no intention of killing these men, they had a ship and she saw this as a way off of this barbaric world. Stopping a few meters behind the two, there conversation having now shifted to alchol she leveld a blaster at each and spoke, both men upon hearing her voice left the ground by a least 3 inches.

"All right, drop the weapons unless you want a holde drilled into the back of your bald head, you to Blade Wielder." she restated as the one on the lefts grip tightend on his blade.

"I bring greetings from Mother Cemendur of the Black Kyrats Tribe, so dont give me any reason to Revoke that welcome."The last few words ended, a sneer spreading across her face.

Whew im done =) there you go lads, rember she dont wanna shoot you, just being cautios so play it cool and this could come out all right.

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