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Misae: Out of place? *lifts foot out of the rubble* Everything here is out of place.

I do sense something...a faint vibration in the Force. I can't tell where it's coming from...

Marin: Do you have any clues as to what we're looking for?

Raschel: I don't think I could feel any more lost. Orthos, do you have any idea what they're all talking about?

*Suddenly, a rip appears in the air. A small, opaque red portal with a glowing outline materializes, then another, then another*

Raschel: What in the Force?

*An oversized, long red and black snake drops from the nearest portal. It falls to the ground, coils and hisses. It stares around at the group with slitted eyes*

Marin: *disbelief* It's a...snake!

*The snake startles at her voice. It turns and lunges at Orthos*


*Aidan struggles with the cat-beast. Another leaps into the room and snarls at Guy*

Guy: Here, kitty, kitty.

*The beast leaps at Guy. Guy twists his body, causing it to swing on the chains. He meets the beast in midair and wraps his legs around its neck. The weight drags them both violently backwards, pulling the chains down from the bars in the ceiling which Aidan had carelessly wrapped them around. The two fell into one of the spotlights, breaking it*

Aidan: Aargh! *Aidan repeatedly zaps the cat-beast with electric energy, but is clearly weakened by the wound in his stomach* You stupid creature! I'll kill you, you stupid---

*Guy grabs a small blaster rifle Aidan dropped. He shoots his beast in the eye. It drops. Guy maneuvers the gun so it points at one of his chains, and shoots it through. He shoots two more times, and the chains fall off.

Aidan finally kicks the beast off of him, brings up his pulse gun and shoots it through its skull. He turns around and notices Guy is gone.*


Sakara: <Maybe I should watch. You know, make sure he doesn't get distracted and run out in the sun or....something. Not that I want to play vamp-sitter but....>

*Sakara senses something and grins*

I can smell it. The chaos is already beginning.

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