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Opps well damn I forgot to Put my other char. on here, heh guess this well help those ppl in the Sand Hole and Mad Zabrakk threads

Name Cyn Iz`zzen
Race Twielk
Sex Female
Apperance A lighter shade of blue, attractive and well built has the body of a dancer.
Weapons Two blaster pistols at her hip, a hold out, and a Vibro dagger in her boot.
Equipment Currently the clothes on her back, her weapons, her ship is smashed on the planet of Dathomair where she currently is (should change)
Backgorund Stolen from Ryoth as a child, sold into slavery to a rich politiican from Corellia she eventually escaped, stealing a ship she fled her hands still stained with his blood, she eked out a existense for while, eventually learing she had a knack for piracy and smuggling she was doing a run for crooked Imperial Moff when her ship was downed by a over zelous Tie Pilot, convinced she was betrayed on Tattoine she seeks to leave the planet and find out who caused her to lose her ship. Has some latent force abilites, but they a raw and untrained, the Force Witches of Dathomair accepted her into there fold while she waited.

Col. Wraith Von Izzen
The Secret Order
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