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In the light of the events of the past few days, I ask that Jedi_Masta be banned from the forum or at least be issued a warning. This on the grounds that:
  • He's a self-confessed Neo-nazi communicating messages of hate, quote,
    They have crossed the line of being proud of their haritage and crossed the line to the point that they believed they were superior. The nazis simply had the insight to see that it is impossible to unite europe without conquest, persecuting the jews was on their level because if the jews can condemn you to eternal damnation because your not jewish, I should be able to kill them here because it is impossible for me to make it through their faith.
  • He displays a Nazi swastika as his avatar, which has been proven to symbolize nazism only. As Darth Homer put it:
    hey, thing Hitler did to the swastika, was turn it up on it's edge....the original symbol stood flat on one of its sides
  • The moderators have reacted to less offensive material on these forums (for example the "Why Holland is better than the United States"-thread), so I see no reason why they should not
    react on this.

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