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Grasping Xero's forearm with a strong grip, Thew noticed a bulge under his shirt.

Nobody know's how to conceal a weapon these days, maybe I should teach him... or maybe not... Thew thought to himself. He wasn't worried though, Deriun was covering him. He also had a dart pointed directly at the man's chest from the launcher on his wrist. Tranq or Poison? He wondered in his mind. He couldn't remember what he had loaded...

Thew: Same here.... this here is my partner *points to Deriun*. We'd better get moving...

Thew slings a survival pack over his shoulder and his rifle over the other. He then places a helmet on his head that has a distinct canine appearance. It covers his entire head, and locks into his chest armor. Over one of the eye holes is a red lenses, most likely used for targeting.

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