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Originally posted by krkode
Do not shun one for being different.

Well that usually applies, but JM has claimed that he doesn't belive in Naziism and is only supporting them for the reason that he likes supporting the "weaker" side so he can have a good argument. People nowadays
Orphans are weaker than Nazis.
So are children with AIDS, cancer patients, people who suffer under could go on almost forever on people who's interests arent fairly represented and can't defend themselves.
The Nazis are not a group that need their views brought to light. They seem to be good a that themselves.
So supporting a weaker side is a bunch of crap.

I doubt he's being shunned(if he indeed is) for being different.
Almost everyone on these boards is different. Someone will post a "George Bush is an idiot" thread then there will be a debate. Then in another thread they'll talk about their love for movies.

There are TOS and if he broke a rule he should be warned or banned or whatever, otherwise lets move on.

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