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Yes Vostok that may be true but that's not an arguement against RoN, is it?

CorranSec- In fact if u pay attention the equipment is based on WW2 (Lucas has stated himself that he based the dogfights on stuff he saw in old WW2 movies) and the storyline is based on ancient Rome.

Rome forms, becomes Republic- Some time thousands of years ago Galactic Republic is formed

Tricksy guy called Julius Ceaser gets Senate to give him almost unlimited power- Tricksy guy called Palpatine does the same

Ceaser tries to stop Senate- Palpatine disbands Senate.

Ceaser gets murdered by his most trusted friends- Palpatine gets murdered by his most trusted friend

Later Rome is split up, Generals are fighting each other, etc. Barbarians take Rome- Rebels take Coruscant while Imps are fighting amonst themselves.

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